Interested in using
"CREDIT READY In 5 Simple Steps"
as a marketing and brand building tool?

Realtors, lenders, title companies, and auto sales and finance professionals...
Here's your opportunity to get your name, company, logo, or brand on the cover of an extremely valuable and informative book!

Because this book is designed to give as many people as possible to means by which they too can become CREDIT READY, we've decided to allow professionals in all of these industries able partner with us, by including their marketing information right on the cover of the book! In fact, we'll even let you write a personal foreword for the book if you'd like!

As we all know, many consumers set up timetables for major financed purchases that can span from just a few months, all the way up to a year or more. Instead of simply putting them on an email campaign, or sending them mailers, imagine being able to offer them a book that gives them a simple, step-by-step pathway to making the buying process easier, and offers a number of ways that they can save themselves thousands of dollars on every financed or credit-dependent purchase they ever make! And on top of that, a specific reason to call or email them periodically, and discuss their progress through the steps outlined in the book!

Email Doc Compton today for more information about becoming a select co-branding partner!